Editors: any trailer editors interested in making a trailer for a 20 minute short film? Film supported by Universal Music.

The film explores Mental Health through the importance of chaos, and its balance with order.


  • Hey George,
    I’m interested!

  • Certainly George! I would be more than happy to help.

    I've done a few trailer for Red Bull and the IOC so it'd be great to flex my muscles on an edit with a different tone.

    You can take a look at my current work here: https://vimeo.com/user17338720

    All the best,
  • Hey George, I’m available on a freelance basis for edits if you’d like to drop me an email at lucieanncarter@gmail.com I’d love to discuss this
  • Hi George, check out www.wearegraft.com, one of our Directors is a master editor, having worked on feature films, music videos etc.
    send me a message if you're interested
  • I am very interested. I am a growing editor looking to further expand my experience
  • good day, having had mental health problems myself, and knowing how to edit video, i am curious to have a go and see the video as well. but please don't keep me as your only option doing this, i will give it a go but give a professional the task as well, i'm just offering to have a go, thank-you,alf
  • Hi George,
    How are you man?

    Sounds interesting can i see the film?

    Here is my Trailer reel:-

    And here is my vimeo:-


  • Hello George, I love the sound of it, check out my profile and web @ https://jadamcik.info/

    I'm fairly free

    all the best


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