Emerging accessories brand is looking for collaborations with fashion stylists and photographers for photoshoots.

The brand - Eleni Bantra - derives insipiration from the beautiful and microscopic patterns that cannot be seen with a naked eye. The dynamic shapes and colours of the designs result from the combination of these unseeable organic structures of nature and the geometric shapes of those man made instruments one needs to see them.

Feel free to follow @eleni.bantra on Instagram, as well as visit www.elenibantra.com

Thank you,



  • hi i do exactly that! check out my photography instagram account @kliselle
  • Hi Eleni,
    I'm interested.
    See my work at www.amir-mahdavi.com
  • Hey there!

    I love the website, I’ve followed you on instagram feel free to dm me if you’re still looking for a photographer!! :)
  • Hi there!

    I'd be quite interested in collaborating on your range with you.
    I have quite a lot of different work from Fasion to macro and product photography to potraiture and more spread across my portfolios.

    If you want to take a look you can find me at

  • Hey :)

    I’m a fashion photographer and I would love to collaborate! My website is www.alessiapozzi.myportfolio.com and Instagram: alessiapozzi_photographer.


  • Hello, how are you? check out my profile and my instagram page @DMNDPRESENTS @F.Luziano . Send me messages if you are interested.
  • Hi Eleni :)
    I am a fashion photographer I would love to hear more about the proJect :) My portfolio:

  • Hey Eleni!

    This sounds like an amazing brand. I'm a photographer myself and would love to hear more. Here is a link to my website www.fannybeckman.com and my instagram is "feckman".

    All the best
  • Hi Eleni,
    If you haven’t already, I'd also recommend posting this as an opportunity to our collaboration hub here:
    It's completely free to post. I hope you find someone amazing :)
    Cathy x

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