Excuse my ignorance but I would like to know what it means to collaborate with other writers.

The idea of collaborating based on common interests and ideas sounds promising to me, even mouth-watering, yeah, but I haven't explored any of this yet. I'd like to learn how it works and how it doesn't work out. What are the obsticles? How common is it? Would be phenomenal if fellow aspiring and professional writers cared to share their real-life experiences on the matter. Please be brutally honest, it's especially important to understand what kind of writers are best suited for collaborative work. Thank you!


  • @Hashem ElAssad i sent you a reply, yes we can give it a go.
  • I explain the reasons I'm looking for an organization partner here https://paradoxicallyparadoxical.wordpress.com/2020/03/15/looking-for-someone-who-loves-organizing-preferably-in-jordan-complementary-skill-partnership/ This is about my life in general but much of what's in there would apply to my writing as well. Here is a post about my writiing style https://paradoxicallyparadoxical.wordpress.com/part-wordsmith-part-analyst-the-sweet-spot-between-substance-and-style-draft/
  • @Fedor F. Lopez I'm a writer mysrelf and personally would like to collaborate on a writing project because of the issue of complementing skills.
    My writing can be confusing and disorganized. I was part of the Amman Writing Club and one of the comments I got is that the indidividual ingredients of my piece can be good, or even excellent, but overall, the meal is not there.
    So I'd benefit from partnering with someone who can make smooth transitions between paragraphs and such

  • @Hashem ElAssad yeah more insightful with these additonal two articles but still would be nice to come across an experience talking about more casual freelance collaborations, such as flash-fiction, short stories, etc. i wonder if anyone even does this kind of thing and for what reasons. the second article in particular emphasizes the win-win point of collaborating where 50:50 split of profit seems to be the motivating force behind such idea but what about pro bono alternatives where the experience of co-writing is focused on the artistic value of it? thanks Hashem!
  • @Fedor F. Lopez these two sources address the process . Does that better address your question?
  • @Hashem ElAssad https://researchwhisperer.org/2012/02/21/co-writing/?blogsub=confirmed#blog_subscription-3

  • @Hashem ElAssad Hashem thanks for your link but the post doesn't say anything about the mechanics of co-writing. Only talks about how it worked out well at the end.
  • Hi Fedor, check this out https://helenkara.com/2016/02/25/collaborative-writing/

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