Feedback: new online publication launching. Do you like the idea?

Hi lovely Dots folk, I'm in the planning stages of launching an online publication named Dollis, and would love some feedback, please.
The aim is to find the sweet spot between feminism and everyday activism to create a publication that serves women who want the most from life, but without causing harm to the environment along the way.
Think Stylist and Refinery 29 but only highlighting ethical and sustainable brands within articles, or The Good Trade but with more gusto than slow living. (Not knocking these publications, I'm a huge fan of them all! But I think something in between is missing.)
Not all women who care about sustainability live the typical zero-waste, slow lifestyle, some want a high-flying career, the latest fashion or the hot spots to visit, but they want those things in a sustainable and ethical way.
Does this resonate with you? All feedback welcomed (plz be kind 😅)


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