Feedback on my portfolio? Advice on how to get job offers after graduating from uni?

I have just graduated from the University of Kent with Upper Second Class Honours in Digital Arts. I feel a bit lost as I have applied for a lot of jobs (in London) but have not been receiving any offers. I feel that my CV is ok (linked on my portfolio if you want to take a look) but feel that maybe my work just isn't good enough and I should give up... Would be grateful for any help!!
  • Digital Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • 3D Animator


  • Hi Jessica,

    Starting out in London can be difficult and it can be very demotivational not to get an offer. But keep trying, keep spirits high and suddenly it will happen.

    My advice will be to get in front of as many people as possible. Don't just apply for jobs. People buy people in this industry, so meet as many creatives as you can for bookcrits and even sign up internships as well.

    Find creative ways to grab creative directors attention, maybe send a nice little something to someone you really admire and they might show you some attention and invite you in for a coffee.

    But first of all focus your energy on your portfolio. Make sure you are really happy with it, and that is best representation of you. Everything is sharp and great. It's better to have a small amount of really good projects than many okay projects.

    Try things, be young and eager. Meet up at agencies with your portfolio, contact recruiters like the talent business and do what you do best. Be creative. Make getting a job or internship a brief, and find a creative way to do so.

    Another great way to get a great job in london is The School of Communications Arts -

    Hope this helps.


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