For anyone who is interested, I've started sharing some of the steps I've taken to venture out alone and set up my own business.

This week I've covered from the time I quit my first company and set up Nikky Lyle Creative as a fully self funded venture.

Before Nikky Lyle Creative, I had another company.

This one was backed by my old bosses, I worked for them as a recruiter and left them due to a lack of pay increase.

They reached out to me after I left trying to offer me my old job back and one day they offered to invest in me. We created a business that paid back investment, hired 1-2 people and turned over a profit all within 14 months.

But having investors just felt like having two bosses. I decided if I wanted to actually set up a business, on my own terms, I had to do it by myself from scratch and I did.

This story starts from when I was frozen out of the creative recruitment industry and had to work 6 minimum wage jobs and saved up everything I had.

It covers how I was recruiting in the week and waitressing and working in bars and nightclubs at the weekend.

Next week I'll do a story featuring the journey beyond to navigating the pandemic, using the small funds I had to pay for freelancers at a time when barely anyone was hiring, who helped me create useful content at that time.

Then finally getting the business in a stable enough position where I could quit my side jobs, could work for full time, get an office and hire other people!


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