For autistic creatives - free online event: How to get unstuck and unmask, when masking is a systemic issue

Who is this for?

• you are autistic (self diagnosis valid)
• you are a creative thinker, tend to question received knowledge, like to go deep
• you don't feel seen by the pathology paradigm or media messaging around what it means to be autistic
• you are anti-racist, LGBTQ+ /ally, believe all bodies are good bodies, and value connection and community
• You feel frustrated with not feeling fully seen, appreciated, understood in all your differences
• You feel stuck in at least one area of your life
• You know you are over-adapting, masking, hiding; it doesn't feel good, but you don't know how to stop
• You are ready to create change in your life - you just need to know a HOW that will actually work for you.
Thats you? Let's go!

WHY this event exists:
When the revelation "I am autistic" doesn't come with systemic change, a vision for solutions, an accurate and positive way to communicate differences, a way to feel seen and understood, and tangible support, the initial excitement can give way to
👉 feeling stuck.

Disillusioned, lost, and overwhelmed with what isn't working.

And frustrated that the only options to be seen in your autistic-status traits, are tainted by individualistic approaches that place the blame of your struggles in your body, pathology paradigms, misplaced assumptions, and single-issue lenses on who you are.

You’ve done the internet-wide deep dives,
consumed copious amounts of content
saved more than enough info-graphics, blog posts, book pages,
and caught glimpses of self recognition, and self-forgiveness.
Maybe you've even told a few people.
And you've connected the missing piece of why you didn't fit in, even with your people.

You have the information.

And yet

Not enough has changed.

Identifying as autistic has explained the problem.
But it hasn’t given you the solution.

So how do you:

Get unstuck
Find YOUR way

Believe you are worthy, and to assert yourself accordingly
Trust yourself, and start believing and acting like the future you want is possible for you.

Make progress on your creative dreams.
No longer downplay yourself, or see yourself in other people’s eyes.
Let go of internalised ableism and shame.

Know your specific roadmap for HOW to do life, that doesn't involve burnout and overwhelm.
Feel worthy to finally start being yourself, fully expressed?

Register for this workshop to FIND OUT HOW


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