For my fashion startup Prêt-à-Fred, I am looking for creatives who want to help on branding, UX/UI on freelance basis? Who is in?

Frederique Verblakt Founder - Prêt-à-Fred
  • UX Designer
  • Brand Consultant
  • UI Designer


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  • Richard Gallon Interactive Designer
    Are you still lloking for a UX/UI designer? A bit after the fact, I know, but only just found this bit of the site!

  • Jenni Matthews Director
    Hi Frederique

    Hope I'm not too late but would love to work with you on the branding side. Here's a link to my services and a couple of case studies.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards

  • Anastasia Antonova Web, UI/UX designer
    Hello Frederique,

    If you are still looking for a UX/UI designer, I would be glad to join your team! I'm a graphic and web designer, I do coding as well.

    You can check my portfolio here:

    Feel free to call me at +447494990161

  • Jasmine Izhar Digital Marketer
    Hi Laura,

    If you are looking for anyone to help with social media management, adword, SEO, etc. I am happy to help where I can!

    Please feel free to send over an email :)

  • Frederique Verblakt Founder - Prêt-à-Fred
    Today I am going to respond to everyone. So if interested, please take a look at my instagram account: pretafred and my website: If comments, feedback, please give!
  • Frederique Verblakt Founder - Prêt-à-Fred
    Thanks for all the messages people. As I will be speaking on a event tonight in Amsterdam, if you want to connect I would suggest come over there. I like meeting people personally, to check if we are on the same wave length. Here is the link:
  • Matthew William Designer
    Hey sounds great,
    I have background with fashion from my last agency. We drafted visual concepts for Vogue. I am now a full time Ux'er. Be great to help!
  • Tanya Grant Freelance Graphic Designer
    Hi Frederique,

    Great to see you wanting to do your bit for the environment! This is such a fun and affordable way to make sure that this type of fashion can be enjoyed by all.

    As a freelance Graphic Designer, I've worked alot with small business start ups (including some based in Denmark), and have alot of retail experience too. I am quite familiar with understanding the dealings of fashion brands as I've worked with the likes of TOPSHOP, TOPMAN, Dorothy Perkins & Burton Mraketing.

    I am based in London but am happy to Skype whenever's convenient for you so that we can talk more about your project. I will actually be travelling to Rotterdam towards the end of the month, so if you'd like perhaps we could arrange to meet?

    Check out my website to find out more or feel free to send me an email:

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Vlad Popov Design Director
    Hello Frederique, take a look at I've working with quite a lot of players in the fashion industry. Happy to discuss if my creative direction is a good fit for your brand...
  • Frederique Verblakt Founder - Prêt-à-Fred
    hi laura, yes this is my website indeed. Have some thoughts about how to improve on branding, design, user experience, but would love to connect and talk about it of course.
  • Laura Stoker Digital Designer
    Hi Frederique,

    This sounds super fun!

    My background is primarily fashion (think Timberland, River Island, Vans) - check out my work at

    Is it the sustainable brand ? If so, this is so up my street!

    Very excited to hear more.

  • Frederique Verblakt Founder - Prêt-à-Fred
    Well the concepts are really hot and big in the US right now, with Rent the Runway being the leader in it. Also in Europe a lot of startups, some fail, some grow... In the Netherlands now also a few. But in essence, I do not only want to build a great service, also a great fashion brand. So Alex and Andrey could you send me a private message?
  • AG
    Andrey Gushchyn Multidisciplinary designer
    Hey Frederique, I'm probably in.

    I have had a founder experience of full-circle fashion/lifestyle e-commerce for 3 years. View my portfolio here:

    In my country, girls love (same business model I guess).

    Let's have a chat if you don't mind? I'll show you more of my e-com stuff for girls and beyond.
  • Josh Pauls Digital Designer
    Hi Frederique, I would be happy to help on the UI/UX side of things, specifically web related activities. If you want to talk about it, my email is