Freelancers – what's one thing you wish you'd known at the beginning of your journey?


  • How to deal with clients, marketing and sales. The importance of having clear ideas on my audiences and target + how to give real value to what I do. When I first started I was taking whatever thing would come, with time I have learned how to better direct my carrer accordign to my values and ideas.
  • Definitely would of been great to have a better understand or better resources of how to organise the business elements of being freelance. Everything from keeping tax records, how to negotiate contracts and what paperwork is needed to protect you as a freelancer. A lot of this I learnt along the way through trial and error.
  • Hi Salem,

    During my uni ages I was always struggling with that my work was standing out between other designers, it just didn't feel the same. Now I know there is a value in being different and it be the greatest strength instead of a weakness.

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  • @Vikki Ross Very accurate, when I first started, I was always worried about getting new work in, and I was neglecting my free time instead of learning something new or pursue personal interests.
  • To value the downtime rather than waste it worrying about where the next job is. It’s always on its way so downtime should be valued and appreciated.
  • the concept of "spec work" cause some people will just take the piss.
  • @Salem Khazali Yes! Not only the prices, but to show our potential clients that our job is valuable and that will help them value their brand as well. Imposter syndrome is hell, but we need to overcome it by trusting ourselves :)
  • Hi there Salem! This is a really interesting question!

    For me, I wish I knew how to value my work and myself. I always tought everyone else was better then me, so my prices were really low, I overload myself with projects, and accepted projects that I knew I would suffer with.

    Now, after 01 year of entrepreneur, I know I to value myself and my work, and I don't do just any work/project. I select the ones I know I will be able to helo and won't affect my mental health.

    Looking foward to know everyone elses thoughts :)

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