Graduated from University with a Bachelors in Media Production and Moving Images. Can anyone lead me in the right direction films jobs?


  • I actually have a similiar Bachelor degree like you. After my graduation I did some internships for a broadcast company and a film production company (just to gain experience how the main players in the industry work and to get the connections). After that I worked for several companies as a videographer to expand my portfolio and gain more connections (with clients and advertisement agencies) until I was able to be self-employed.
  • Hey there Mike,
    If you’re looking for a junior role, take a look at our jobs board:
    Remember to turn on the notifications toggle to be the first to know when new junior roles are posted.
    And you're just in luck! Our team at The Dots is hosting a Portfolio Masterclass on Directing, Filmmaking and Videography on the 29th of October - check out the event here:
    It's a great way to get yourself in front of industry creatives and receive invaluable feedback on your portfolio!
    Wishing you all the best with your jobs hunt,
    Cathy x

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