Graphic designers, I'm running a session for my students next week about pricing your work & wondered what pricing strategy you used & why?

Do you charge by the hour/day? Do you use a project-based fee? Are you looking at a value-based approach? Any insight and details would be sincerely appreciated by the 65 final year students who I'll be sharing your feedback with.


  • I use the methods outlined in this book:
  • When it comes to pricing that can be handled various ways, depending on the sector you are working with.

    Advertising/Studios agecies deal with day rates and hourly rates. (make sure you are reg as self employed or limited company or under a umbrella company).

    With freelance you can impliment your day rate but that can scare the client. If you think the project is good enough worth something to your portfolio; I’d suggest asking them to be honest with a honest budget.

    My rules would be:
    — Break down the budget how much of the budget is for producing the project, then figure out how much is for you as an income.

    — If the client can’t pay straight away then you run the risk of investing your time and a chance of not getting paid. Setup a payment system that works monthly.

    — Keep on track of invoices and numbered correctly create a system. As it means your not just a designer but you run your own accounts.

    — If there is no money or little to work, consider taking a pecentage of the business i.e. stocks and shares. That way you become the client and they can buy you out or you can sell you shares. Success story of graffiti artist who done work for facebook got a hughe share price.

    — Make sure you earn enough to not just support yourself but use the money to invest back into the business such as running a website, paying taxes (boo).

    Good luck, tough gig out there
  • Freelancing remotely: I prefer to charge by the hour particularly on smaller jobs. One thing I wish was highlighted to me when I was studying is - its important to specify that changes will be additional. This helps avoid a project dragging on unfairly

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