Have you considered engaging an Australian Strategic Brand Agency?


Cost Certainty
Our monthly membership offers unlimited brand strategy, brand positioning, and graphic design services. We also offer our clients a range of third party pricing options to suit their needs and provide transparency around manufacturing and implementation costs.

Specialist Designers
Musubi’s work spans across corporate identity, brand strategy and brand positioning, organisational culture, interior design, products and packaging, exhibitions and installations, websites and digital experiences, brand communications, and 5 senses experiences. Our Designers are specialists, who bring extensive experience from working at leading design firms in Australia, Japan and across the world.

Ongoing Brand Management
Musubi sets a fixed fee retainer and develops a brand roadmap that covers Brand Development and Brand Management. We manage our client’s brand over time developing and managing all marketing activities and advising on how to deal with change and tailor the brand image and touchpoints to their needs.

Unlimited Contact
We are committed to working alongside our clients to ensure the business strategy and brand objectives are examined and resolved. All parts of our client’s business are free to contact us or set up workshops to conceptualise ideas.


  • Hi, may I offer you a little bit of guidance. When I read your post all I hear is 'brand' and what got me to open your post in the first place was the word 'australian'. if you can highlight what are the results from working with an Australian agency, I think people will be more receptive to your message and therefor likely to sign up. Blessings.

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