Hello! Could I have some feedback on my website www.kirstyho.co.uk and instagram www.instagram.com/kirstyho thanks a bunch!

Recently started part-time freelancing meaning more time to update and start illustrating more :)


  • Hey Kirsty, Firstly I hope you are well.

    Website feedback:
    It would be great to be able to go from one project to another without the use of the menu to go back, that could be either a related section at the bottom of each page or a next/previeous project button. Great varied body of work, keep doing what you're doing.
  • Hi Kirsty,

    Freelancing is definitely going to expose you to different clients and type of projects, it's great you want to tak that on!

    Here's a bit of feedback from me:
    Instagram - while the illustrations posts are super clean and nice, I'd like to see more of a mix of personal posts and your work. For example, the most recent post and the one about The Borderless Network, would be great to see more in-real-life posts (maybe try to show with an animation how you can mix reality with illustration).

    1. Would be great if you could look into the spacings - I think having a bit more space between the header, text and images would look better.
    2. Text alignment - as you don't have a block of text as description for everything (e.g. Blossom Paintings), would be worth trying to centre the text.

    Hope this helps!
  • Hey Kirsty!

    Is there anything in particular you'd like feedback on? The design of your site or a particular portfolio project? Think you've got some really nice animations on your site, it's just a bit unclear what you want to focus on as a freelancer, besides illustration (not that that's not a good thing to focus on!) :-)

    My general tip would be, think about the user: what journey do you want them to go on when they visit your site? They may want to see an overview of all your projects first. Think carefully about how you present your work and on what mediums. Really love the Hong Kong Screenprint. do you have anything like a process video, or information on where you researched/looked for info? Could the print work as a pattern on clothing? Endless possibilities!
  • Hi Kirsty I love your website and your insta profiles I think it would be cool if you had some video's of you drawing or illustating as well or some motion graphics moving image looks awesome as well.Evn just a boomerang would look amazing and your website is nice and vibrant your smiley face opener to your webiste is fantastic.

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