Hello everyone, I'm looking for a concept artist who'd help me elevate my pitch for a mystery horror feature film. Thanks!


  • Hi Paweł!

    That sounds like an incredible pitch. I've previously worked as a concept artist within a comics company, as well as for animation. I'll drop my portfolio below - feel free to contact me if the style fits!

  • Hi Paweł!

    I am Cherie and have previous experience working with film alumni to create visuals for his film idea.

    You can check out that particular piece via my
    portfolio page at https://dearmacherie.cargo.site/The-Investigator !

    Would love to hear more on what you’re looking to do/what you’re looking for so do leave a message!

  • Hi Pawel,

    I am a freelance illustrator with experience in concept art/pitching, you can see my recent work here: https://freddie.studio/

    Would love to hear more about your project!


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