Hello everyone I've recently completed my website, it would be great having a feed from you creatives! https://www.dvmitrv.uk/photo


  • Very nice, fresh and contemporary and it works thematically
  • It’s great! The bold look fits the work well. It might need an about page to give everything more context.
  • Hey

    I agree with @Paige Goddard. A separate About page would be great, combining the text that is currently on the Contact and Home page?

    Regardig the Contact page: I'd keep it brief, more a call to action to encourage people to contact your regarding work. Also, add it as a main navigation button to the others in the top-left of your template. It would be a shame if you didn't make it really easy for people to know how to get in touch! Also, I would actually put the text of your email address on the contact page itself as well as the Contact Me button.

    Great work, tho' (I'm pretty sure I've seen at least one image from your Passive Awareness project on Instagram).
  • It looks great! I do feel you could have an about page and use your home page for your most recent work or proudest project. I love the branding and the red background, it's very effective and compliments your work beautifully. I would also love to publish your work in print if you would be interested. I have my own fashion & culture zine and I'm always looking for talented people to fill the pages. I hope you find my feedback helpful :)
  • @Hema Chandar Annapragada you are perfectly right it's not so efficient to comunicate for business, btw I did the web trying to reflect my personality. it's very hard to chose between work and art :'( but for sure I consider your opinion because is my intention too create business on my web.
  • Hi man, the introduction about you was not visible, apart from that it is showing your work and passion regarding photography was superb.
    The contact me box needed something like email id are your phone no, the Instagram contact is okay. If you are trying to promote yourself you need have little more content about your skills, by that, you can improve your website traffic if you are looking for an business opportunities. For the profile and introduction of your self, it is good, but for the business perspective, there is a need to do some work.

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