Hello, I am a journalist and I am trying to understand how things work here. Is it necessary to have an NCTJ certification to get a job?

And also, how would you recommend I should start? I have experience as a journalist but not in English. The days where I could do an internship are faraway and I am not taking in consideration to do another master.


  • Hello hope all is well, you have experience is journalism that great. If you want to do a masters, that’s fine to there are many other way where you can apply to courses, I would recommend NCTJ it’s a great certificate to have. Some industry don’t require NCTJ.

    Also you mentioned you have experience, and that is also important to have, and it’s entirely up to you and what field of Journalism you want to purse. Research on it and see if they require any certification.

    Hope this info helped.

    Thank you

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