Hello, I am a Photography graduate looking to get into the fashion industry Styling. Would you be able to give me some career advice?Thanks!


  • Hi, I would suggest you collaborate, collaborate you may have the idea or they make but i think knowing what value you can add is a great start. Reach other tp creatives that you feel tell they story how you would want it to be told, as i'm a strong believer that its not just about the pictures but the story being told via the pictures.
  • [part 2]

    Don’t put any work in your portfolio in a style that you don’t want more of. A small selection of high quality work in select style is better than hundreds of examples in a variety of styles.

    I’d echo everything Pip has said too, to connect with people and brands you’d like to work with, attend events and be helpful to the people you meet. Don’t go for the ask immediately, see where you can provide value first and make a genuine connection. Being genuine goes a long way.

    Your portfolio gets your foot in the door, your personality and honesty is what get’s you to stay.

    And finally, keep going! You only need 1 yes, 99 no’s just means you’re one no closer to a yes.

    Good luck!
  • Spec work. I think spec work is something vastly overlooked by a lot of people getting their foot into the industry but also by veterans looking to expand.

    CV’s just don’t matter in the creative industry any more, it’s all about the portfolio.

    And spec work, which is basically an imaginary brief you create yourself for your ideal client. But approach it as though it were a real job – follow your regular process, document the journey and share that too.

    By the end you’ll have something you’re proud to have on your portfolio.

    Some people write off the idea of spec work as ‘not real’, but brands and professionals don’t and won’t see it that way. Work is work is work. You still followed the same processes, and produced a high quality result, and that’s all that matters.

    If you’ve documented it well, not only do you have a portfolio piece, but enough to put together basically a case study of how it was made.
  • My 5 top tips would be:

    1. Join Pepper Your Talk: Brilliant network for making it in Fashion (https://the-dots.com/pages/pepper-your-talk-88278)
    2. Build a portfolio of mentors - Creative Mentor Network has a brilliant program matching creatives to mentors.
    2. Head to events - my top picks are Pepper Your Talk, Riposte Events, For Working Women & Women Who
    3. Attend The Dots Portfolio Masterclass (shameless plug :-) - follow the page here https://the-dots.com/pages/the-dots-portfolio-masterclasses-74126
    5. Always wear a smile :-)

    :-) x

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