Hello! I create social posts and custom brand kits. I wanted to put together a price list, how much would you charge for this?


  • Hello I’m Mehmet
    I am a freelance graphic designer and art director who has worked with global and regional brands for many years. Works with advertising agencies and individual brands in general. I have received awards from EDWARDS and AIGA competitions. Some brands i have worked with; with Adidas Originals Puma and Spotify. For more detailed information about me: https://linktr.ee/mehmetkirlangic
  • Be careful about sites like Fiver, they tend to have a lot of people who are not necessarily qualified or experienced in what they are selling. No self respecting designer would really offer their services for a fiver. It might be better to do a search for other businesses who have decent websites and offer the sort of service you are talking about, see what they sell their packages for.
  • @Kristina Rodier Hello! Thank you so much, I will take a look on there :) Have a lovely evening.
  • Hi @Donna Darafshian, do you know about Fiver? It's a site where other freelancers provide bespoke social media content. Could be a good place to explore to see what prices others charge, and different types of packages available :) Good luck!

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