Hello, I'm a fashion photographer and I'm currently exploring hiring a retoucher for some projects in 2020. Does anyone have advice on this?

I'm completely new to outsourcing things, so would love to know more about how it works from start to finish, time lines, how pricing works etc. Thank you so much in advance!
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  • Beside starting with connecting with all the retoucher below, who reached out, and asking them how they work and what they need from you to be able to do an estimate for your projects.
    I would also explore the many Retouch Groups that exist on Facebook, there these question come up on regular basis both by retoucher and photographers. Use the searh field within the group for the topics you want to know more about.
    I follow: Retouching Academy and High End Commercial and Editorial Post Production, but there are several more.
    You will realize it differs a lot when it comes to priceing, some charge by hours others by the image. The rate can also differ a lot depending on the client and the clients budget.
  • My answer will be biased :) but check my portfolio if it's of interestest ı'd be happy to discuss further.
  • Hello :) I did retouch for Korean fashion brand, 'ADER error' before, and we can talk about your work if you want. Please contact me ;)
  • I could possible be up for this. I used to assist an fashion / head shot photographer. If you want you could send me a smaple pick to retouch and we can go from there?
  • I've not personally used one, but the ones people I know have used tend to charge per image. Not saying that applies to everyone though. Have you found any already that you like the look of??

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