Hello, Just launched my website: https://agnesjonas.com/ Many thanks for checking it out, Agnes


  • Hello @Allison Tanenhaus ,

    Thank you very much, I'm going to give you a follow back! I know, I have a very minimalist approach, but I understand it is easier to navigate and relate if there is a bit more information. So I'm going to think about this. Many thanks again and see you on Instagram, Agnes
  • Hello @Pedro Pontoni ,

    Thank you so much and thank you for your tips! As you see I'm a super minimalist. Not just with design but with any kind of text. Although, I understand that knowing a little bit more about the person behind the work makes it more personal and relatable for anyone who visits the site. So I'll think about this part. Thanks so much again, Agnes
  • Hello @Sigita Budraitytė ,

    Thank you so much and thank you for your feedback! There is actually a bit of info about each project at the bottom of the pages. Regarding the contact page section, I'm going to think about it how I could manage to make it more informative. Many thanks again, Agnes
  • Hi @Morphe Digital Design ,

    Thank you so much for taking your time to have a look at my website and giving me some detailed feedback! A good point highlighting the specific areas I'm interested in and make it a bit more obvious.

    Thank you again,
  • Many, many thanks @Tuka Daniel , I really appreciate it!
  • Agnes, your work is gorgeous! Just followed you on Insta. :) (I'm @atanenhaus)

    I agree with the other comments, in terms of contextualization being helpful. I did notice you put info on each project at the very bottom of each page, but it could easily be overlooked. I think putting that at the top of each project page—along with the title and basic description of the project—will help a lot to orient each visitor.

    I think you can also add something to the about page about what kind of work you're looking to do and who should reach out to you. For example, "I'm open to custom work, graphic design, and brand partnerships" or something of that nature. Otherwise, your work is so beautiful, but I don't know if potential clients will know what projects they'd want to hire you for and the next steps to take to do so.
  • Agnes!

    Really beautiful and timeless work!
    And really easy/minimalist design of your website.

    However, although it is easy to see your style and work, I felt like somethings were missing in there.
    Maybe like other pointed here, adding a brief description of your work, your education or a bit of a story would help to give a more finished/complete vibe to your professional website.

    Good work!
  • So delicate and peaceful, love it. Adding a few lines about each project or a proper description on the contact page coud help to understand your process.
  • I LUV LUV LUV YOUR STYLE! Super unique and refreshing :D

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