Hello, My new website is live now: agnesjonas.com Thanks for checking it out, Agnes

_ art prints are going to be available again very soon _


  • Hey Daniel,

    Thank you so much for your feedback, yeah I think I know what you mean.

    Oh I just copy-pasted from the address bar. Thought it might transfrorm into a direct link hah

    Could you tell me which page has image/layout issues? thaanks!

    It's really nice to hear thanks so much again,
  • nice work - minimal is certainly my sort of style. I have always had a difficult relationship between creating an homogenous and cohesive brand aesthetic but could it come at a cost of not fully showing the work or your breadth of output?

    one page I came across has a couple of image/layout issues.

    you don't need to type www. any more before your domain name btw ;)

    Anyway - looks very professional, clean and clear on the whole - well done

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