Hello What is your suggestion to start working as a freelancer and create a strong portfolio in the field of visual identity and design?


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  • The best thing to do would be: just get started.

    Find a visual identity brief on D&AD and give it a whirl: https://www.dandad.org/en/d-ad-new-blood-awards/ Create something impactful, and have fun with it! If it is an imaginary project, you can really push the boundaries and enjoy yourself.

    The first real client you gain will usually be someone you know. Take a look down your phone list... is there anyone you can support?
  • Hey Meysam, it depends a bit on the type of clients you're going after & specific approach to design. As a general point I think the strongest portfolios, show a sense of personality and personal taste. If you're at an early stage and don't have lots of work yet, I would set yourself some fake/sample briefs, so that your portfolio reflects the type of work you're interested in creating. Hope that helps! Lex
  • Hello, I hope you are well today!

    I would do a breakdown of what visual identity design is. I think this article is informative for that: https://fabrikbrands.com/what-is-visual-identity-visual-identity-definition/ Then it would be best to create a moodboard to use specifically for a visual identity process, like a template to use as your point of reference every time you work on a visual idenity.

    As a freelancer, my advice would be to define the niches you are most interested in working under. Think of it this way, it is too difficult for one person to count all of the stars in the night sky. As much as you'd like to work for everyone, it's simply too big of a feat. Ask yourself which industries you are interested in designing for, and make a list on paper or even a word pad file. This way you are counting a constellation in the sky, rather than every star in the sky. The beauty of freelancing is that you are in charge of choosing who you work for!

    When you make a list, I'd suggest creating your portfolio based on that list. Create passion projects by following a creative brief. The brief will give you a prompt that you refer back to when designing. It is like your class notes to understand what will be tested on. Consider making a portfolio website showcasing your best projects. The Futur Academy gives exceptional feedback when it comes to making a strong portfolio. I'd recommend watching them when you have the chance!

    The Futur Academy

    To find creative brief generators, you can use this resource, because goodbrief is limited on the free briefs: https://fakeclients.com/blog/goodbrief-alternatives

    Finally, I'll provide resources that you might find helpful:

    I hope you find many successes on your path!

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