Hey! Can anyone offer advice on the best, cheapish DSLRs for beginners, please? Finally diving into photography and buying my first camera.


  • @Chelsea Gurr

    No problem - For landscape - I highly recommend a wide angle lens 10-20mm

    For Street photography - The wide angle will also be great for this and a mid range kit lens such as 18-24mm. But also - a 50mm fixed lense with a high aperture rate is exceptionally good for street photography that also includes people.

  • @Kid Circus This is awesome, thank you so much for the advice! I found myself getting so confused with all the different options out there, so this is super helpful! Yeah I hadn't really considered mirrorless cameras before, but it sounds like they could be a better option. I'll have a look into the ones you suggest now and weigh up my options.

    I will do, thank you :)
  • I'd advise you to look into the mirrorless camera section.
    very similar to dslrs in terms of quality but they're a lot smaller. you'll appreciate the smaller size and weight when you go on your next trip.
    You don't have to get the best camera, any camera actually is really good.
    All the big brands have camera lines targetted for people starting out or even for professionals that want an extra body realiable enough to take on shoots and travels when they dont want their heavy workhorses.
    some examples I could think of:

    Nikon Z50
    Fujifilm X-T30
    Canon EOS M6 Mark II
    Sony a6100
  • This is probably an entire blog post worth of advice, haha (damn, maybe I should write one myself). Firstly, you don't think you absolutely have to go for DSLR. I kinda grew up only on mirrorless cameras, many of which are reasonably priced but still allow you to use different lenses. I have a few good starters:

    Fuji XPRo2/Xpro3
    Fuji XT2/XT3 - Fuji's are great mirrorless cameras, with great out-of-camera jpegs, light, excellent lens lineup and basic lenses aren't too expensive

    Canon 6D/6Dmk2 - great starter Canon camera. A lot of people start on this before stepping up to say a Canon 5Dmk3/mk4.

    Sony A6000 - is a great starter camera from this brand

    Panasonic Lumix GX80 - great starter camera from Panasonic. In fact, my very first camera was also a Panasonic. Although the sensor on this is smaller than other models, it's a great way to start and ultimately I always believe you should start slow and push a camera to its limits BEFORE you think about upgrading to something better. Also, it's small size will encourage you to maybe take it out with you more often, therefore getting more practice in.

    Feel free to message me if you want to discuss in more detail :-)
  • @Chelsea Gurr a handful of places. The most obvious Ebay.
    I've shopped there very confidently, never received a bad piece of kit from any sellers and everything has come as expected sometimes even better.

    From there my second options are Approved Second Hand Seller MPB.com, KEH.com, and WEXphotovideo.com/used Everything sold there is checked by a team and you can usually get your money back if something happens to be broken.

    From there, my secret weapon. Facebook Marketplace & Camera Selling Groups. Nobody seems to trust it are rightly so, it a slightly riskier version of Gumtree & Craigslist on the worlds' most used website. BUT I've grabbed some good gems here and know people getting Cameras worth 5-8k for a mere 2-3k. You can have a field day here.

    But to be on the safe side, Ebay is number one here.
  • @Ronny Wieckardt agreed. Sony a6xxx range is good to start.
    Possibly a7ii? - full frame and all lenses are usable with the rest of the sony full frame family, if you decide to get a new camera body!
  • Whatever you buy it won't be good :) Don't get me wrong, you are beginer and maybe in 6 to 12 months you will know what you need. But now you don't know, so go cheap and be prepared to give lot more money in the future if you hookup with photography :) Good luck!
  • Anything Fuji you can by reconditioned ones directly from them so slightly cheapeer and still with the full warranty: https://shop.fujifilm.co.uk/digital-cameras/refurbished-digital-cameras
  • I suppose it depends on what you want to do with it.For £500 you're not gonna get some really good 'glass' and a body. Deffo avoid ebay unless you knwo what you're looking for or you buy if from and online store. Your never know how stuff has been looked after.You could try London Camera Exhange. Pro's tend to off load their ggear in these places so you know its been serviced and looked after...if a little worn round the edges.
    if your just starting out you migght consider somethingg like a Fuji x100f.Ggood Luck
  • @Ehimetalor 'Metty' Unuabona wow, thank you very much for the advice. This is so helpful! Second-hand is an excellent shout, particularly as I'm just getting started. Any tips on the best places to find good second-hand equipment?
  • @Ryan Browne I was originally thinking traditional SLR but then started reading about mirrorless, which opened up a whole world I didn't know existed, ha. I'm very much a beginner though and will likely use it for landscape/street photography. Thanks very much for the recommendation! Looking into it right now
  • @Vibz Thaker awesome, thank you so much! I hadn't thought to focus more on lenses, so I'll certainly concentrate on that now. I'll probably look to do a bit of everything at first, but mainly landscape and street photography. Really helpful, thanks again!
  • Always remember this quotes;
    'There's no such thing as a bad camera anymore'... at least from 2016 onwards.

    Seeing that you want to strike a balance of affordability with both your lenses and bodies - look into getting second-hand Canon Equipment; There lenses have been around long enough in circulation that you can get their best lenses cheap and one of their camera bodies cheaper. 70D, 80D, 7D, 6D MK1, 5D MK2, 650D,700D, 750D etc etc. I could go on.

    And in terms of lenses, these are the lenses I would recommend every single day without fault:
    50mm F1.8 or F1.4
    35mm F2 or F1.8
    85mm F1.8
    24-70mm F2.8 L

    If you're only going to pick ONE of those lenses, 24-70 is a true one lens choice.

    I wouldn't recommend buying fresh from the box in most cases.
    Good luck on your search
  • Hey! I'd reflect some of the other comments - think about how much you want to spend and how much you plan on travelling around with it as that will effect the size and weight requirements. And start ruling out from there :-)

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