Hey! Can anyone recommend a decent retouching course that focuses on advertising and product shots?

Hoping to up my game at my job by learning a bit of retouching but a lot of the courses seem to be aimed at beauty retouching. I'm trying to find something suitable for lifestyle and product shots (specifically glass bottles and cans)and struggling to find anything that looks decent. Any recommendations would be great!


  • There are no decent courses really, most of the industry techniques stay fairly wrapped up.

    I am considering starting to offer mentorships in retouching because of this.

    If this were to become a reality, would it be something of interest to you?


  • Hey @Emma LD

    Nice to hear you want to up your game.

    Although not available yet and therefore useless to you ( :/ ) myself and my colleague will soon be releasing an advanced commercial retouching course for all disciplines, including automotive, product etc.

    I'll let you know when they are available if you like.


  • Check this one

    He provides good base for product retouching, in fact for any type of retouching (beauty & fashion would be exception).
  • From my experience product retouching is very similiar to apartment retouching, what I mean is that they look like rendered images in a 3D program. The best learning curve you can have is to photograph the image and make it look like a 3D render, high constrast, visuble textures ( if there are some ) and good composition. You can find some insight on youtube but I would search for reference on the internet, arange the items in a similar composition and trial and error to match the quality of the end photo to the reference.

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