Hey! Could anybody with experience in publishing an independent mag share advice on raising funds to go to print?

We are hoping not to go down the advertising route, but if you know of organisations that give money out to this kind of thing, or if you have experience running fundraiser events, that would be amazing.

Thanks so much, Robyn x


  • Following this threat! Launching a free hyper local quarterly magazine for Soho later this month. Started with a pilot in Autumn, and we've just finalilsed our winter issue for print. Totally self-funded (few ads but not as many as I'd hoped to cover print costs or pay my contributors)... Something has to change for the next issue! CrowedFunding sounds like my next route!
  • Hi Robyn,

    Great responses below. Just to add we run quarterly Workshops alongside our Journal series CreativeAdventur.es which mirror our Issue themes and editorial.

    Content partnerships also help fund the print but my advice would be to only 'say yes' if values are 100% shared. In the long-run it's your editorial value that will maintain and grow your readership.

    Best of Luck & enjoy the ride!

  • Hi Robyn,

    I've published three of four fairly successful independent magazines over the last decade and funding / income has always been the make or break question.

    I never found a single organisation that pumped money into magazines, either as loans, investment or grants. I think largely because publishing is seen as too risk-heavy and profit-light for investors... yet too commercial for arts grants. There may well be community groups who have some funding within the chosen topic of your magazine... but I never found any.

    My titles always survived on a mix of select advertising, crowdfunding (for launch issues), live events, merch and paid-upfront subscriptions. The most scuuesful indies utilaise a good blend of those streams... but many more struggle by for years without the creators being able to pay themselves/contributors, let alone making profit.

    It's a dicey old industry... but a really fun one. Best of luck to you!

  • Hello Robyn. My name is Kadie Jackson. I am starting an emagazine soon, and I am hoping to have it up in January. I am going to start it that way and when it get's popular then I will have a magazine that is printable. For your magazine I had an idea for a friend which I did not share with her yet. Have a fundraiser dinner, like a Christmas Dinner, and everyone brings a bottle of alcohol that they have in their house, or they can go buy one for the occasion, and at this dinner, the people can bid on each other's alcohol and the money would go to charity, like your magazine and the other person would get the alcohol. A nice brandy is worth like $40 but bidding they could get it for less or more and sometimes people want these things but don't know what to buy at the liquor store or have the time to go.

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