Hey everyone, looking to start my own podcast. Does anyone have recommendations on entry level equipment?

Also, any ideas of places to record?
Not looking to spend a lot to begin with, maybe up to £500 all in.


  • Good place to check out is Podbible Mag: https://podbiblemag.com/
  • Blue yeti is a good place to start. However if you wanted to have a more sophiticated set up, a mic like a shure sm58 or a Rode NTA would be good. This would require an interface but would offer more flexiblity (more inputs, would work with different mics). For an interface something like a focusrite 2i2 is great for size and usage.

    If you want any help with editing/ audio processing feel free to get in touch.
  • Blue Yeti is the one!! And try to use a room with no ambient noise. A walk in closet does a good job - anywhere that has plenty of fabric to avoid sound bouncing around. And wear headphones. Urbanears Plattan II are great value. For a bit more outlay, go for the Grado SR60e.

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