Hey, I am trying to find a copy-writer for our newsletter, articles, and profiles. How should I run this process?



  • Hi Patrick, I craft copy with a higher SQ. Check out my website MindTechMarketing.com and let me know if I can help with your needs. Email: rvdvshardy@yahoo.com
  • Hi, ex BBC journalist now freelance, looking to expand my portfolio
  • Hi Patrick,

    A few places to look would be LinkedIn, Twitter, and if you wanted to spend out some money you could even look at advertising on ifyoucould, design jobs board, or other creative recruitment sites.

    I currently undertake all of the copywriting at Glug Events, along with running numerous social accounts etc feel free to check out my website, and the Glug News page.

  • Hi. I'm sure you'll have lots of options now but I'm a digital copywriter and specialise in blogs and articles, web copy, social media and email content, as well as proofreading and copy-editing. If you wanted to take a look, my website is www.slickcontent.co.uk or you can email hello@slickcontent.co.uk.
  • You could do a search here on The Dots and/or tweet using #copywritersunite to get a Copywriter's attention
  • Hey there!
    I'd be interested in learning more about this.
    My email is sonnysyah@gmail.com
  • Hi there Patrick,

    As well as echoing what the other responses suggest, I've actually been quite successful finding work through Twitter – using hashtags relevant to your target audience is key!

    If it's a freelance role, I recommend tagging Sian Meades-Williams (@sianysianysiany I believe). She runs a weekly newsletter which goes out to freelancers, but if you do choose this route then expect your inbox to be inundated for the fortnight that follows!

    Failing that - as a copywriter and former magazine journalist and editor myself, I may be able to help...

    Many thanks,
  • Hi Patrick,

    Reaching out on any platform is usually a great place to start. Depending on the project I am an experienced music and art journalist/manager and moonlight as a copywriter.

    If you ever have a need for some copy I'd be delighted to help - you can reach me on chrisspring@hotmail.co.uk.

    Have a great day,
  • Hi Patrick!
    Writing a LinkedIn post and asking your network to share and/or give recommendations is a great option. Similarly, creating a job post on a platform like The Dots or other freelancer-specific platforms will often yield good results. It's important to be specific about what work needs doing, how long you'll likely need help for and the budget allocated for the freelancer (usually a day rate).
    I'm a copywriter and currently available if you'd like to talk more about how I can help.
    Contact info and portfolio: www.charlottedalilaaustin.com

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