Hey, I'm new here in The Dots. So... Could you share some advices to start here? thx

happy thursday,


  • Even though you may be on lockdown - I'd suggest looking at events, I find that there's a great selection of interesting event listed which will always keep you looking ahead.

    It's also great to connect with people of a similar craft and or professions you're looking to work with. There are always people requiring help on 'Asks' are which is always great to browse and chime in with your 2 cents (or 200 haha)

    I'd give the whole site a browse and check all the features in order to get a grasp and you'll realise how it works roughly.

    Hope this helps!
  • Hi @Ale Bravo - Welcome :-) Here are a few top tips to navigate The Dots through these unsetteling times:

    1. Looking for COVID support?
    We’ve launched a COVID support feed. Ask questions, or browse others: www.the-dots.com/asks/search/lists/coronavirus-support-8

    2. Looking for work?
    Update your availability & profile.
    Set up job alerts: www.the-dots.com/jobs/search

    3. Need career advice?
    Ask a question here! We have an army of mentors from It’s Nice That, Dazed & more on hand.

    4. Looking to collaborate?
    Check out call outs or post your own: www.the-dots.com/asks/search

    5. Want to upskill or connect online?
    RSVP to virtual events! www.the-dots.com/events

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