Hey! If you have worked with brands etc as a content creator how would you get started and do you have any advice?


  • Hi Sophie, do you mean getting sponsored posts on Instagram and the like? When I was a blogger (a loooong time ago now!) the key was making meaningful connections with the brand before expecting them to offer you work. And work on making your channels unique and as engaged as possible. Sorry if I’ve totally misjudged your question though!
  • I did this - set up a LI profile and posted articles then offered writing services at a low rate to get experience. Two years later I was offered a job working for a medical marketing agency in their branding team.
  • As a digital agency director I wouldn’t mind giving some advice but due to the nature of your problem I’m not sure what you need I would recommend get started with the basics like building an organic marketing plan within the 5 best socila media if you need more advice send me an email at team@sitedonut.com and someone in my team will get back to you
  • Hey Sophie, the best assets you have to get started with are your own social channels. Brands and media companies will discover inspiring creatives through the content on their own channels, you should use these as a portfolio to show brands what you can do and how your content has an impact. If you're already doing that, and feel your channels are in a good space, then you can start sharing these with agencies who manage content creators - hope that helps! Lex

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