Hey! New to the site and wondered if you can change your profile URL? Thanks!


  • @Nancy Cofie Hi Nancy I am also looking to change my url (you can do this on LinkedIn). Please can you let me know if this is now possible with the Dots?

  • Hey Nancy!

    Thanks for the quick reply! No worries, just wondered as it would be a good feature for the website!

    Loving the website so far!
  • Hey Thomas! Nancy from The Dots here. Lovely to e-meet you!

    We don't yet have this as a feature on The Dots, though it is definitely something we will consider on our Product roadmap moving forward (we're a little team so we can't make those big changes overnight). Please do feel free to drop me a message in the future and I can track any progress on this and give you an update.

    Hope this helps!

    Nancy :)

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