Hi! Any 2d animators who would like to collaborate with a spoken word artist on a experimental piece about Leadership for a web conference?

It’s for a conference of about 800 people - would be a great showcase piece - deadline is December 1st 2020- send me a message if you are interested. It’s for a conference on Leadership for young medical students. It will be a collaboration between me, the spoken word poet and yourself. I’m open to style and more than happy for you to collaborate with other animators or take it on yourself etc. Love bringing people together to create. Look forward to hearing from you guys.


  • Hi Adil,

    I am a 2D animator and your project sounds really interesting :)
    Please have a look at my website and showreel:

    Get in touch if you are interested!

  • Hello Adil, I am interested! What would be the duration? What is the budget for this project? You can see my work on the following link: https://taniavicedo.net/
    If you like my work, please get in touch!

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