Hi everyone! **I just want to say how excited I am of seeing so much talented people** I hope you are all having a great week!

I signed to The Dots a while ago but just now I started using it and checking other people's projects and profiles. My greatest teachers have always been other creatives, team members and mentors so seeing so much talented folks here just made me so happy and excited.

I live in Barcelona (Spain), I direct fiction & doc shorts for clients, many regarding sexuality. I also teach and I am involved with the black & African communities in Spain helping with their communications and training.

At the moment I am starting to consult for a serie in development by a major international platform and working on my portfolio to get into directing commercials. That is my 2020 objective.

Ok, I have to ask a question, this section is for that isn't it?
So my question would be, How are you all doing?? What are you up to? What is do you want to accomplish in 2020? And Is there anything, in a small or big way I can help you get there?


  • Hi Sally,
    What a fabulous message...full of energy, positivity and love!
    Here's to an adventurous, creative life for everyone in the Dot's family! My daughter recently was a guest speaker for a Global Conference on Disability and Sexuality ...I'm sure this project would be of interest.
  • @Sally Fenaux Barleycorn Sounds good! Would be great to chat more. Sounds like a lot of different angles to approach the issues. I would appreciate the advice.
  • @Jamie McCormack Hey Jamie!
    Thank you for replying to my post :) Made me smile too. My objectives have changed already a little bit, always adapting to how I feel and where life takes in each moment. Still in good direction as you said!

    I am happy to read your comment, I believe we all have a responsibility pushing for the change we want to see in the world. I consult for film projects and organisations or eventss related to film & TV (festivals, competitions and so on) regarding inclusion and diversity. I myself create systems in my own productions to be able to mentor POC young professionals and to include in the process of filmmaking the people I make films about. If you ever want to talk about ideas on how you too can bring that change into your own productions, drop me a line :)
  • Hey Sally! I really like this question / message! Made me smile.

    Sounds like things are moving in a fantastic direction for you and your 2020 goals should definitely come through!

    My plan is to keep on working with lovely people and make better films than the last ones. Nothing too complex! I want to see the teams and projects I work on reflect the change people are fighting for at the moment so that's something I need to make sure I work on / focus on.

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