Hi everyone, Was wondering if anyone could recommend an employment lawyer for a redundancy consultations.

I'm sponsored on a Tier 2 visa however was told yesterday I'm at risk of redundancy so needing a little extra help to try negotiate.

Thanks in advance. :)


  • As an ex-tier 2 visa holder I am so sorry to hear that you’re dealing with this! Negotiate working out your redundancy period (as gardening leave ideally) rather than a lump sum payment to prolong the time you have to find a new sponsor if the role is made redundant.
  • Hi Denise,

    I have a some experience from the past to challenge in HR related issues. Although I am not a lawyer, let me give you a small but very critical advice. Before you contact any Employment Lawyer or Legal firms, do your thorough homework. Remember, the better you prepared, the more time you will gain for constractive discussion with your legal adviser, and potentially can save a few £££ or $$$.
    First and most importanly, study your employment contract, in particular clause(s) leading to redandancy/contract termination prior to your official contract renewal date.
    Secondly, review a few goverment web sites for contract employment legislations.
    Also, if your employer UK based firm, visit Glassdoor site where you may find a few comments re similar disputes, etc.

    And finally, my advise try to look at your dispute / case as an outsider. This would help you to find evidencies/misleading details or gaps in your employment contract, which is a legal document and gives you tools to negociate better deal/outcomes, whatever it may be.

    Best of luck,
  • If you need further advice you can always try https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk

    I’ve used them in past for different situations from work, housing etc they can give reassuring advice and direction.

    It’s free though sometimes long waits in queues if you attend an office ( I haven’t used them in a long while so couldn’t tell what the current situation)

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