Hi guys, I am looking for an internship or a Junior Position in UI / UX Design, in London. Can someone help me? :) Thanks

I consider myself to be a well-rounded, multidisciplinary artist with interests and skills in many branches within Graphic Design and Photography.
As a multitasking creative designer with 7 years of experience, I devise engaging and innovative solutions across brand identity, prints and websites. My additional ten-years experience as a photographer equipped me with knowledge of various techniques that gave me the opportunity to work for well-established brands. Throughout my career, I also developed film making skills that increased my area of expertise. Lastly, I am constantly developing my skills and I recently directed my focus towards web design jobs.


  • Hi vittoria,

    Cathy from The Dots here, thanks for your post. Here’s some of my top tips for getting the most out of The Dots:

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    I hope that helps!

    Cathy x

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