Hi, I am interested in doing a proofreading course, and another one to improve my English grammar. Which one would you recommend?

I see the courses of the Association of Editor and Proofreader and honestly, I wonder who thought it was a good idea to divide a course in three. So, if you know anything, I would appreciate the help.
Thank you


  • Pick a manual and master it – Oxford, Chicago and MLA seem to be the main ones. A lot of things can also be looked up easily enough, as long as you know to ask the question. English grammar is a bitch :) for all kinds of reasons. Fowler is old school, but very good, in my opinion. I particularly love him for endorsing split infinitives.
  • The https://www.publishingtrainingcentre.co.uk/ is good I think. I did that course years ago. But honestly you can only improve by being and doing - by reading as much as you can from outlets that have great writing (The Cut, BBC, New Yorker, hundreds more). That's the best way to learn. Also there is a website called www.studentproofreading.co.uk that I used to do a lot of work for and they can probably help with simple pieces of work - as a test, not paid, because you're learning. Good luck!
  • Hi Cristina,
    I strongly recommend to develop and improve your Grammar skills first, and after to continue with proofreading skills development. Keep health and steady during this times.

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