Hi! I designed this portfolio site for a luxury creative director friend and we'd love some feedback! http://tracydoyle.com

Feel free to take a look at her IG too — she does these beautiful themed photography posts.

Thank you so much in advance!


  • @Shirley Wang Thanks Shirley! It’s still an ongoing project, but I’m happy with the progress on it so far.
  • @Joe Burke Hi Joe, thank you so much for the feedback. That's a great UX point about the full-screen takeover — I'll raise it with Tracy.
    Loving your 88 Roasters work!
  • Can't really fault it to be honest. Tonally it hits all the right notes for a CD with work in the luxury sector. Saol is a great type decision.

    I wonder if the full screen takeover on mobile for the burger menu is necessary though? There are only 2 links, which could potentially be dealt with via iconography or a shortened word for both sections? (Overview becomes Work and Information becomes Info?)
  • @Enrico Policardo Thanks for letting me know! Even though Semplice has a mobile preview function it must be for slightly larger screens... I'll definitely fix this. Very useful feedback — thank you once again!
  • Not sure if it’s helpful or not but on a small screen such as the one of my iPhone 6s I’m having a bit of hard time to visualise both copy and images correctly. The design choices look great tho, nice fonts, nice images, clear layout.
  • @Nikki Camilleri Thank you so much, that's great feedback! Glad the design resonated with you. :)
  • @Ryan Young Thank you so much for the feedback! Yes, that was one of the intentions for choosing that typeface. Glad it resonated. :)
  • Really nice site. I instantly knew it was a fashion website because of the really nice typeface used on the headings.

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