Hi! I'm looking for funding for a short film? Any leads would be greatly appreciated!

I have just finished writing my first short screenplay and I have a treatment ready to go and I am looking to get the film funded. I am looking to use the budget to hire an amazing space and actually build a team.

I currently have a DOP, Editor and a composer that I am working on it with.

But we will be looking for a producer, art director, 1st AD, casting director, gaffer and runners once we have secured funding.

Give me a shout if you'd be interested in a role too, once we secure funding I'll be able to give a timeline. It would be max a 2 day shoot.


  • Hi Amy, if you're in London then Film London -https://filmlondon.org.uk/funding - is a good place to start.

    Also the BFI as mentioned below - https://www.bfi.org.uk/get-funding-support

    In addition, if you're not from London and have connections to another part of the UK, I would look into the different regional sections of the BFI Network. There might be a better chance for funding and support if you apply to somewhere other than London ;) - https://network.bfi.org.uk/

    Good luck!
  • Hi Amy,

    I am a trained actor and would love to be considered for a role once you have the go ahead if there is anything suitable I could audition for.

    If you message me your email I will send you my spotlight CV ☺️

  • Hi Amy, I would recommend looking into BFI funding. There's also some handy hints here: https://boldcontentvideo.com/2020/04/20/how-to-get-your-short-film-funded/
  • Hi Amy! I'm currently working on a project that combines film and classical music. I would highly reccomend Greenlit, a crowdfunding platfrom that was created for filmakers (they also provide advice and support for campaigns)
  • From my experience Kickstarter or similar platforms is a good place to start, especially if you have additional assets that come with the film which can be used as incentive/reward for people to donate.

    Also, I'm an art director/designer and would love to hear more about the project.
  • If you haven't already I'd recommend joining Shooting People. It's great for funding ops and finding crew.
  • Hi Amy,
    This sounds like a great opportunity! I have experience as a producer, 1st AD and runner so would love to speak more about this! Drop me an email at yasmeenhanif98@gmail.com if you can. Thanks!

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