Hi! Looking for branding freelancers to create a variety of brands across the fitness / wellness / luxury lifestyle sectors with us.


  • Hello Louise, it has been 12 days since you posted this message looking for branding freelancers. Since then you have not been active on this thread. What projects are you referring to and what is your feedback timeline? Thank you
  • Hi Louise.

    Steve and I helped launch a brand called Magnitone. We did the whole branding, as well as the advertising. You can view it on our website nickandsteve.com

    We'd be happy to help.

    Thanks Louise,

    Nick (& Steve)
  • Hi Louise, If you need some help with the visual side of the luxury branding, then I have experience in the fashion and sportswear sectors. There are some examples of this on my Dots profile including some visual identity work for The British Fashion Council.
  • Hi Louise, I'm a marketing and branding freelancer and would be very happy to send you over some of my work to take a look at. I've developed a new set of branding guidelines for a luxury lifestyle management company and conceptualised a refreshed brand for a fitness/wellness class series. Let me know if I could be of help. Thank you, Elle.
  • We are one stop shop for identity building,  from brand stories to design planning, from execution to prototype delivery. Have experience in creation of signatures for several fitness, running, and motor sport communities.
  • Hi Louise, I’m a marketing and branding freelancer currently working in the fitness and wellness industry. Would be great to find out more of what you are looking for in terms of skills. Very happy for you to contact me. Thanks, Laura
  • Hi Louise, I'd recommend also posting this as a freelance job here (https://the-dots.com/jobs/create) as it will make it easier to shortlist incredible people. It's free to post freelance gigs, so no worries there :-) P.s Nene (below) is AMAZING - I can totally vouch for her. x
  • 5 years of global experience in Marketing and Events. Worked with luxury brands, products and facilities in Europe and Middle East.
    You can contact me directly here or https://shenobasic.com/contact/
  • Hey Louise, I hope you've been well and I'd be more than happy to help with that. My portfolio can be found at karbhard.com, thanks.

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