Hi there, looking for feedback on a very early iteration of the mobile version of my design studio website . Let me know what you think!



  • Nice work... love the annimations, didn't know thia was possible on mobile.

    Only thing I spotted was your little icons at the bottom overlap the footer type making it difficult to read. (that's on an iphone safari browser).
  • It’s very smooth! The only thing I would say are the icon at the bottom and where they take you can be misinterpreted: a mail icon for a newsletter and a writing note icon as get in touch? It’s a small detail but it can help you communicate clearer.
    I would also say that the previous projects can come across as small (accessibility).
    I really enjoy it tho- specially interesting touches like the light/dark mode, easy access to FAQ and clear site map. Idk I hope this helps and good luck

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