How do I charge for a Website Design?


Any creatives out there for tips on how to charge a client for a website design? It’s a three page Square space website design and I’m doing the:

1. structuring, planning, colour templates, copywriting, marketing strategy and photo theory around the website.

I know some creatives charge per hour for projects, or ‘per project’. I’m also designing a brand identity design for her and wondering what a total could come down to.
I was thinking 6/700 for a total package as I’ve seen websites go for £1,000?

Any advice would help!


  • Daniel has given perfect advice! On top of this, if you're looking to benchmark your prices - take a look at a blog on Lattimore & Friends where they've analysed how much they think some websites may have cost to build: I found it really interesting.
  • Hi Stephanie - first of all that sounds like more than website design. Copywriting and marketing are not part of the design process.

    Take one thing at a time and think about the following:
    1. What is your bottom line? - what's the minimum you need to get by. From that try and calculate your minimum hourly rate (this is for your pusposes and not the clients)
    2. How much time to you estimate it will take to complete the job?
    3. Consider your overhead costs if you are setting up long term: computers, desk, office space etc - what does that cost you? have you applied that to your bottom line costs in stage 1?
    4. Take into account any client management - especially if you are doing marketing and copywriting on top.
    5. What's your experience v's market value for the work being done? - you've done this to some extent but if you are new and finding your feet you cannot charge as much unless you are amazing at your work... and communication is what will set you apart in the long run.

    Tip: rather than thinking about competing on price - compete on value added - this can come in all sorts of areas, not just sales. e.g. a clear, concise well communicated project has a lot of value - I have moved away from web design but many an hour is wasted on bad project management which is almost always down to poor communication.

    Hope that helps a bit

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