How do I post our vacancies on here? We’re hiring in production & design and I’d love to utilise this network but can’t find out how…. Help?


  • Hello there,
    I'm a graphic designer and social media designer based in London. I'd be interested in helping you out.

    Here's a link to my portfolio:

    If of interest please feel free to contact me here:

    Fearne Clementine
  • Hi Victoria,
    My name is Evelyn Kandin Geler, and I'm a Graphic designer and illustrator and I am very interested in working with you .
    Here is a copy the links to my portfolios:
    My email is
    Await your response.
    Thank you very much!
  • Hello Victoria,
    here's how you can do it:

    - pass the mouse on your profile pic
    - Click on 'your job posts'
    - Click on the 'post a job' button
    - choose the kind of position (full-time, freelance...) and start writing

    - Hire me when you need a video/film-related creative :-)

    I hope it helps
  • From what 'I' can see Victoria there are 'two' ways, one is direct, as you have just done, asking a question.

    The other is to work with the Dots to produce and engage the community with a tailored invitation.

    What I like about when the Dots produce inviations, is the consistency and the clarity, I think they've nailed it there.

    What I like about the direct approach is that it benefits organisations and people providing positions or work that could be on an Ad-hoc basis or project based work, this direct approach could allow you/them to tap into world wide talent and contact them directly.

    And you also have the ability / option to select someone from London, Lahore, Nice, Accra, Cologne, Manchester, Valencia, Kyoto, or anywhere else in the world that has the talent and skills you need.

    So if you have roles available, and you're looking for talent, all you need to do, is connect the...


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