How do I quote a friend?

I started reaching out to get some photography gigs booked or just to spread the word that I’m back in business. A friend of mine replied to my message in acknowledgment and to also book my services for an event thats happening. She told me to let her know how much it’ll cost.

Now the problem I have is this will be the first shoot I’m doing since lockdown happened. That’s 2-3 years ago now. And initially I reached out to say I’m building my portfolio so send whoever needs a photographer my way. Meaning she knows I’m searching for work. I don’t want to be ridiculous but I also can’t do it for free considering travel, childcare, and so forth. How do I go about this? We’re fairly gf friends so I feel a professional understanding conversation can be had im just being awkward 😅

Any advice is appreciated


  • Hi Sesilla,

    Tbh my generic rule that I don't work for free but also don't accept money for close people. However I would like to give you a more usefula pproach for this. Have a calculation what you would charge if it would be someone you don't know, including the fact that you want to build up your network again. Then apply a 10-20% discount and see if that amount is something you would be okay to get? It's not just to cover your expenses, but to be sure you don't feel used / taken advantage from. It can easily happen as people often has no clue about how much creatives worth and you would just destroy your friendship if it's not a price you comfortable with.

    Then tell them what you would usually charge and then saying that you can offer them the 10-20% because she is a friend. That's what I would do, but honestly having friends / family as clients is never the ideal situation.
  • I would work out my hard costs (ie. child care, travel, equipment etc) base it on this plus a small fee and then what you think is a fair discount. Also, check what budget your friend is working with the see if it is possible to create what you will both be happy with within that budget.

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