How do you price your freelance Illustration fees?

I’m struggling to come up with the best prices as a new illustrator - any tips ? I’m more leaning toward project based fees so it’s a flat rate over daily rates


  • As written by others hourly can only work if you're new in the game. Next step would be fixed rate taking into consideration tiem to be spent, number of revisions, where it will be used, how big is the brand. Of course you have to take into consideration stated budget but that's just a parameter to take into consideration. Third pricing model would be value based pricing but you wouldn't be asking this question if you're at that stage. :)

    Here is a good suumary for you:

  • I thought setting an hourly rate was always better. But when I get faster to deliver results in years, it becomes too dirty-cheap. As @ANGELA LYONS mentioned, the hourly rate mostly become unfair at some point. So, setting a budget for the project would be better.
    While I determine this, I come up with a budget by considering the areas where the work will be used, the time it will be used, and the economic value of the time I spend on it in my life.
  • I would try and get project rate and get a detailed brief from the client.
    If you charge by the hour they are not paying for your experience.

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