How has the Coronavirus affected you? Collaboration Project

Hi - my name is Ben and as a severe asthmatic, I am facing the prospect of a12 weeks self-isolating period as we work through this pandemic. As a final year Film student, I have decided to use this time as positively as possible and am looking at documenting the experiences of people in the 20-30-year-old bracket who are self-isolating too, I wanted to highlight the fact that it wasn't only the over 75s who are on their own and I wish to examine the impact this lockdown is having on our social, mental and physical wellbeing whilst trying to find the positives that we have discovered as well.

Certainly having moved home from London to my parents in the country along with my three other siblings - my sister who is also in her final year at Bristol University, my elder brother who has left his business in Kenya (there is little call for a nightclub and festival planning in the Coronavirus outbreak) and my other sister and her family along with my little nephew who is only a few months old - we are a family really sticking together and working through this crisis together. From this united front, many positives have emerged even though we have to observe strict social distancing from me as a vulnerable person there is still a feeling of solidarity and care that pervades our home.

However, there is also fear - fear that one of us will somehow contract this virus; fear for our future in terms of jobs and how we will keep earning whilst working from home; the isolation one feels shut away from friends and family with social media helping but not replacing all we have lost; sadness that we may never experience the pride in attending our own graduation as a culmination of 3 years of hard work; the impact on our physical wellbeing and the unanswered question of what will our futures hold - how will we find our "normal" again.

I would love to hear from anyone willing to help me compile a short film by filming themselves explaining their situation and how it is impacting on their lives - looking at how they are coping, their hopes for the future and the surprising positives this situation has given to you along with suggestions on how to pass the time in this incredibly unpredictable period.

I would love to put this project together so please email me if you are interested. My email is

I look forward to hearing from you.


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