How many jobs did you apply for in the creative industry before you secured a role, If ever?


  • Sent many applications and still haven't secured a role. But I keep trying and meanwhile I am setting up my own company! If there is no job - create your own one! Let's connect and hopefully we can work together in the future! :)
  • I definitely believe in a power of networking. I am a freelancer and I recently launched EightySix Studios a place for other photographers, like an agency but we are definitely unconventional. At the moment everything is about referrals and networking thats how we get contracts.
  • Well for all of you creatives who work on projects and are in the same boat as me...

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  • Hello Ivan
    I have always worked as a freelancer and i have searched by myself the jobs.
    Also, got them by meeting someone and then she/he would present me someone else. Like networking is important.
  • It is even harder to get yourself a job, when you are self - employed. I am sending around 40 emails a day!:)
  • I'm reaching 150+ I think now in the space of 2 months.

    I've had about 5 interviews that were promising but fell at the last hurdle for different reasons.

    We move!
  • lost count after 50. I wanted to try finding jobs myself but eventually I didn't get any so I had to resort to using family connections.

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