Howdy, we're looking for someone to support us in digital marketing, to work in line with the Creative Conscience's mission + vision.

Our vision is ONLY focused on Creativity for a fairer, healthier + more sustainable world. Savie with click-funnels or leadpages/mailchimp/SEO/events/zoom
DM us with Dotsprofile/ linked-in


  • Hi Lara are you still looking for people? If so i'd love to be considered as I work in Creative Copywriting, Blogging and Digital Marketing. Please email me at
  • @Creative Conscience Hi, are you still looking for someone additional support?
  • @Taleb Kabbara hi Taleb happy to jump on a call - we're looking for hands on, down and dirty type support not sure if that's your bag?
  • @Jude Arnup sorry if this was misleading Jude. We're looking for volenteers + part time support which as a talent guru that might not be of use. thanks for your message :)
  • Hello Chrissy, just picked this up in my inbox. Can you clarify if you are looking for a talent hunter to work with, or just looking to attract talent directly? If the former i would be happy to see if i can help.
    Very best wishes, Jude

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