I am looking for a nice well-spotted wall to create a collage mural on it. Previous artwork would be presented before installing

I am a graphic artist working with collage and mixed media. I want to expand my career to mural making and that is why I am reaching someone who would be happy to have a wall artistically decorated with collage and paint.


  • @flavia felipe Amazing! I will do, there's also a big bare wall inside as you walk in that this could work nicely for. It's currently white painted breeze block! :)

    Speak soon!
    Hollie :)
  • I have a studio with a shutter on the front that this could work well for, but I'm based in the North West ✨
  • i just want to say i love this, you offering is awesome and i hope you will find the best person. i also hope u can hear me out on my offer which is specific to your situation.
    it's a seaside card reading to bless the beginings, the project, this exhibit. I am particularly good at reading the energies that want to come through and be expressed whenever a new begining like yours in about to happen. i am drawn to this basically. i feel it appropriate to offer my seaside card reading only in situations where there is a new gallery opening, a new exhbition, a new murual starting, something that is creative, it is already expressed but now it is opening up to the bigger picture or to the public.
    so the reading will be about the kind of frequencies that want to come forward and bless the space, the kind of blind spot that you as the host or creator should look out through the duration of the event so as to keep the energy high and pure and clean, also the kind of healing mantra that wants to be encoded in the energetics of the creation.
    it's a color creation backup by a seaside card reading.
    let me know if this interests you. thank you and i really appreciate finding you.
  • I would love a chance to gain more insight into this project and collaborate with you in painting the wall if you would like the help!

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