I did Biomedical Science at university but I want a career in music. Does anyone have any tips about how I can break into the industry?

Asides from the obvious (freelance, volunteering etc which I have done) - thank you!


  • Go to loads of smaller gigs of upcoming artists and spend time in the smoking area - that way you'll meet the people working in the industry, particularly. A&R's (usually very well connected within the industry) Also Universal's HR department are really lovely and offer CV mentoring so worth researching and dropping them an email. But (unfortuntely) they best way is free work, whether thats writing reviews on music mags (DIY, CRACK, Loud and Quiet) or offering social media assistance to small PR companies to get your name out there and relevant experience on your CV. its not enough to say you love music and go to laods of gigs, usually you've got to show you're contributing to the industry in some way.
  • Hey @Marie-Hélène Froidevaux, I have experience in PR/comms/marketing so I have looked more into those aspects of the music industry as I've got the transferrable skills
  • Thanks @Christopher Spring and @Phoebe Hadley, both very very helpful! @Christopher Spring it would be great if you could share the list of insitutions you mentioned. I've ordered the book!
  • Honestly: there are some great books that can bring you up to speed quite quickly (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Need-Know-About-Music-Business/dp/0241001633/ref=pd_sbs_14_img_0/259-2348605-3353707?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=0241001633&pd_rd_r=d8583598-6343-436a-a441-a357501ac659&pd_rd_w=0h2CL&pd_rd_wg=kOYnV&pf_rd_p=e44592b5-e56d-44c2-a4f9-dbdc09b29395&pf_rd_r=CVX8ZA1QBD0TVCEEC2DB&psc=1&refRID=CVX8ZA1QBD0TVCEEC2DB) "All you need to know about the Music Industry".

    Really, the most important thing is to know your ****, have lots of energy and have a very very thick skin and be incredibly positive. It's very easy to do things well but also be aware there are so many others that will also be doing it.

    Know your music, talk to people, write for magazines, attend networking events. I can give you a list of institutions that can help.

    But really, it's like any industry: It's very very big and you will only ever be as good as the music you're working with!
  • network, network and more networking. establish yourself on social media, including instagram, youtube facebook, linkedin, etc.. sometimes its not what you know but who you know, especially trying to break into the music industry!

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