I did the dreaded website update!! What are your thoughts on it?

Link to my photography website: https://www.emilyjaynenolan.com/

Constructive critique welcome. Would be super helpful to hear some thoughts on the site/my portfolio.

Thank you in advance, and have a great rest of the week!



  • @Emily-Jayne Nolan need any advice on click throughs and updates on your website just get in touch! We also offer folio reviews on our website where you can share your website and we can offer feedback :) Hope you are well! Keep safe and stay creative!
  • @Dorrell Merritt Ah thank you SO much Dorrell! Really appreciate the time you've taken to get back to me.

    I need to work out how I can do the click through to projects as theres a few I'd like to show more of!

    Thanks so much, will be taking this on board!

    All the best
  • Hey Emily,

    Congrats on the update! Just passing through with my two cents. There are some really strong images on your site; a balanced mix of personal and comissioned work, so nicely done. Just some quick things that came to mind:

    - I think having a curated mixture of images on the homepage/in each section is great, but it would be even better if when they were clicked on, they took visitors to a series where more images from that shoot can be seen and perhaps some info if relevant, especially if it was a comission.

    - For the breadth of work you have and clients you've worked with, I think that your 'about' could have more depth about what you do and how you do it; how long you've been doing it, maybe. I see you've mentioned empathy a lot, but I think you could push things, speaking more about your process (and less about your tools) as it undersells you a little.

    - It could be nice to experiment more with typefaces on your site; differentiating between the title and the type for each section, as well, just to give it another dimension. Maybe check out some other websites/references as inspiration, and see ways that you can make yours unique to you.

    Anyway, just my two cents and hope it helps.

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