I'm creating a list for The Dots of amazing diversity organisations who nurture and champion diverse talent. Who are your favourites & why?


  • Amaliah/Halal Gems is pretty cool it is dedicated to amplifying the voices of Muslim women/curating restaurants, travel foodie guides and launched a food festival called Street Eats creating a community around ethnic food run by just two muslim women
  • The Other Box, ThisAbility, GUAP, Uninvisibility, La Norme Beauty, Burnt Roti Magazine, Gal-dem, Good Girls Eat Dinner, Creative Equals, Graffiti Life, Badass Gal, Book of Man...and that's just off the top of my head. All awesome, led by utterly phenomenal women and men who work tirelessly and selflessly to lead the change by being it. All rooted in heart, soul and truth with a genuine desire to rewrite damaging narrative, change the status quo and amplify the voices of amazing, underrepresented people with important things to say. All not just wanting to make a difference, but fighting to ensure they do so.
  • I also love SocialFixt, it's a well-used and increasingly well-known creative industry jobs list, set up as a Facebook group by the wonderful Mercedes Benson https://www.facebook.com/groups/socialfixt/
  • Wow, thanks for your suggestions so far. Some I'm already familiar with and a big fan of their work, others I've never heard of before and look forward to looking into a little more. Keep them coming! :-)
  • Also biased! Shiny are committed to improving representation in the commercial video industry. We're open to emerging directors worldwide, promote monthly screenings, commissioner discussions and networking events in London & Los Angeles. Entry categories and our #ShinyList are organised by diversity categories including ethnicity, gender, dis/ability, low income backgrounds https://www.shinyawards.com/shinylist
  • The Other Box: http://www.theotherbox.org/ - run by two brilliant brown girls, champions diversity in the arts.
    The White Pube are also awesome: https://www.thewhitepube.co.uk/
    And the team at Thiiird Magazine: http://www.thiiirdmagazine.co.uk/ are super nice and produce a gorgeous publication which does just what you are looking for.
    Hope that's helpful, can probably think of a few more if you want to chat further.
  • I'm biased, but...WeTransfer's editorial platform WePresent does an amazing job at representing creative talent from around the world, each month they feature people from each continent and have a 50/50 gender split. The editorial team work hard to curate the most interesting and unexpected stories - from Mongolian sumo wrestlers to the Brazilian Samba circles and the art of plastic food in China. Take a look - https://wepresent.wetransfer.com/
  • I've only ever seen

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